Hello, my name is Caroline, welcome to my page!

Let me tell you a little about me.

First and foremost, I am the mother of two wonderful young ladies. They are my world and have been my inspiration and motivation to keep trying and succeed. I’m also a grandmother to an adorable, cheeky, inquisitive little boy, who has an amazing personality and so much potential to unlock. Isn’t it just amazing how many possibilities we see in the children around us, and the excitement we feel for their futures? Yet, as the years go by for us, we believe our own opportunities begin to diminish and our ability to make transformative changes disappear?

As adults, however, we possess so much wisdom learnt through disappointments, opportunities missed, uncontrollable circumstantial changes and perceived failures, which equip us with so much more than just regret and feelings of powerlessness. Believe me; I have experienced all of these, multiple times! Whilst you may not feel this, it’s my firm belief that anything is possible, as every human being is full of potential. I can say this with conviction based on my own personal journey.

Opportunities only seem possible when we believe that we are deserving and worthy of them. If you possess a fabulous idea, what are the obstacles getting in the way of transforming that idea into something tangible and real? Most of us are our own worst critic, the negative self-talk can scare, freeze and demotivate us. I was ‘stuck’ for many years from the fear of the unknown, fear of failure and being left in an even worse position, fear of not being just quite good enough, or ready enough.

As such, I recognise that motivation to transform comes from within and at times, it is difficult to muster that alone. Through compassion and creativity, I will support you in a holistic way, endeavouring to understand and truly empathise with you whilst creatively planning, maximising potential, challenging counter-productive beliefs and seeking opportunities, alongside you. Don’t let yourself and others stop you or stand in your way.