I first started MAAPP back in 2013, it was a year before the loss of my twin brother.

In these times of COVID-19, I feel it has given me an opportunity to reflect. This has then prompted me to share my story of MAAPP and how the #MAAPPLinkIndex key ring has emerged.

My vision has been to integrate resources into practice for all disciplines supporting children and families on a shared platform. I really just want to acknowledge and thank all those that have purchased the MAAPPLinkIndex key ring. The fabulous feedback has been instrumental in keeping me focused.

The idea of MAAPP and sharing resources has taken six long years to develop, researching resources and collating the most relevant categories that will support practitioners in their work, whilst at the same time, empowering families.

It was in 2015 I stumbled upon a QR code and out of curiosity I opened it. I went on to research QR Codes, their functionality and how they were being used at that time. 

I continued to develop the resources on MAAPP, and a turning point came in 2018 at a training event I was supporting. It was here that I developed my first QRCode resource tags and shared ten different resources within this forum, the feedback was amazing, and confirmed my research findings in that professionals were not aware of, or accessing, resources that were available to them and families.

At that point I realised that even though I had already developed a resource application boasting nearly fifty thousand targeted resources, there was still a barrier that needed to be overcome.

I was aware at this time some amazing resources had been developed and were available, but people were simply not aware of them. It then became evident to me that the identification of what was available and accessibility was key.

I am delighted to see how partner agencies have embraced the diverse range of resources I have collated and the categories within the LinkIndex key ring.

Many have shared that this has become an integral part of their continued development and practice.

For many years agencies and their resources were very much working in isolation. The LinkIndex key ring has changed that.

We now know, more than ever, how essential connection is to our humanity and communities.

Integrating resources into practice is increasingly central to how we work and the services we provide. 

Just over a year ago NHSSafeguarding lead Kenny Gibson reached out to me to acknowledge my hard work, and ingenuity in developing the LinkIndex key ring which he recognised for being a great innovation. He, like many others, was staggered by the sheer volume of targeted resources from partner agencies I had been able to collate.

Kenny has since championed my vision, sharing the QR code LinkIndex key ring at events, and throughout social media.

I recognised throughout my career in social care, that we all share the same vision of safeguarding children, and even though it is not intentional there have been barriers, primarily due to differing roles and responsibilities, or organisational structures.

My dream in developing the QR code LinkIndex key ring was to find a way to overcome these barriers and the overwhelming response to it has been testimony that this has been achieved. We are now “Working Together” more effectively as a result.

What we often see is that small businesses can sometimes struggle to take off due to the larger corporations having financial advantage and thereby having the monopoly. However, what the NHS Safeguarding team has shown is that it is possible for both large corporations and small enterprises to collaborate, in order to achieve their shared vision, which at this juncture continues to be safeguarding children and families.

Throughout the years developing the MAAPPLinkIndex key ring, I have worked full time as a frontline Social Worker, Team Manager and more recently a CP Chair.

I am proud of what I have achieved, I have invested my own resources and made many sacrifices. I have received no financial backing and worked copious hours every day after work and weekends. I’ve invested not just my time but financially and emotionally. Throughout this time, I have remained focused on bringing my vision into the hands of practitioners and the homes of children and families, to further the cause of safeguarding, which as we know is particularly pertinent at this time.

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”Never give up on a dream, you never know where it will take you” 












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