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Reflection: A Personal Perspective #ACES #TRAUMA

#ACES #Trauma #LivedExperiences #Survivors I have joined the social media platform Tik Tok and whilst there are some amazingly fabulous posts, videos etc there is also so much underlying pain. I have experienced the lack of regard for others on […]

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Social Worker… as I ponder and ask myself why I became one.

For me becoming a Social Worker was inspired due to having a very special lady in my own life growing up, yes she was a Social Worker/Nurse (still to be clarified) and the times I had with her filled me […]

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A time to reflect and share my journey #Safeguarding resource tool #MAAPPLinkIndex key ring

I first started MAAPP back in 2013, it was a year before the loss of my twin brother. In these times of COVID-19, I feel it has given me an opportunity to reflect. This has then prompted me to share […]

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Integrating Resources into Practice. www.qrcoderesources.co.uk

Social workers, Police, Teachers, Nurses, Housing, Youth workers etc, have all been heavily criticised over the years for not working together, yet can we confidently say we have moved on from that. I have not evidenced change, we continue to […]

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NAPAC- Resource Review.

Around one in five adults experienced some form of abuse in childhood.  Many adult survivors of childhood abuse, are not aware of the resources available to them, neither are professionals supporting them. I came across NAPAC a year or so […]

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Welcome to MAAPP and our innovative QR Code MAAPP LinkIndex key ring

#Safeguarding #Innovation #Socialcare #Healthcare I worked in the voluntary sector for many years prior to becoming a Social Worker for which I have been now for over ten years, working throughout England and Northern Ireland. What I established very early […]

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#Safeguarding children is everyones responsibility.

The world has moved on so quickly in the last 20 years. If we just look back to the beginning of this century ….. and we look at how family life was and why laws had to change to #safeguard […]

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CREATIVITY MEETS INNOVATION- a glimpse of my journey

Caroline Flynn | Where Creativity Meets Innovation

I’m a creative – and I’m not scared to say it! Sometimes it’s a blessing and sometimes it’s a curse. Why? Well let me tell you. Being creative would be ok if you did not have to venture out with […]

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