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I worked in the voluntary sector for many years prior to becoming a Social Worker for which I have been now for over ten years, working throughout England and Northern Ireland. What I established very early on within both the Voluntary and Statutory sectors was was the lack of knowledge about resources available to professionals and families.

I relied heavily on those that had been in the jobs the longest for local resources, funding, tools to support my working with children and families. I would say to clients and fellow professionals that I would get back to them with resource timetables, website supports, helplines, telephone numbers etc, wasting so much time and sometimes even forgetting due to workload capacity.

I always sourced my own resource library which at times proved difficult to maintain, because every time I changed location, I had to develop another list.

The above inspired me to develop MAAPP, a website now hosting a national database of over forty nine thousand resources that are relevant to families, children and professionals, that is accessible from any location and electronic devise. Me and my daughter relentlessly, everyday trawled the internet identifying targeted resources. I learnt so much, for me it was amazing, not so much fun for my daughter, but for me my knowledge base now in terms of resources is invaluable.

It has been tiresome, and at times I have wanted to give up. I have had to remain focused and have worked most evenings daily for the last three years. I have also had to acquire new skills such as Marketing and Social Media, which wasn’t easy but Im getting there. MAAPPLinkIndex is on Twitter (MAAPPUK) and Facebook (MAAPPUK) I still have lots to learn, but what I have learnt has enabled me to support organisations to save thousands of pounds and diversified my skills.

The MAAPPLinkIndex has over 25 thousand users who are actively accessing it daily throughout the UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and other countries

Throughout these three years, I have had to remain focused and motivated, and when these have been compromised I have accessed resources on youtube ‘Motivation’ motivation videos have really kept me going! And I have some fantastic friends that encouraged and guided me, even from a far, which I will always be very grateful for. I have learnt to be patient and accept everyone goes at their own pace, and without me pushing it forward it would never have been achievable, although I have found this challenging, it has taught me a lot about who I am.

In an age where resources and supports have been cut as a result of austerity, many have welcomed our #safeguarding resource #MAAPPLinkIndex to help share information and best practice to improve outcomes for children and families. Having access to #MAAPPLinkIndex key ring avoids delays in supporting families and children, and enhances the users knowledge.

December 2018- Update.

I have now further developed #MAAPPLinkIndex key ring and partnered with NHSSafeguarding and can proudly introduce the new #MAAPPLinkIndex key ring, you can further explore and order online from www.qrcoderesources.co.uk A key ring holding over 500 targeted resources, enabling easy access to resources to promote and empower user engagement and better outcomes for Children, Families and Adults.